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The best apps to take care of mental health

Apps para el bienestar

4 out of 10 Spaniards take care of their general well-being, with exercise and good nutrition, and 38% of Spaniards have apps installed on their smartphone to improve their well-being.

Consuming vegan and living vegan provides great moral satisfaction and health for our body, but in some cases it is not enough and they need extra contributions, which can come through guided meditations, psychologists with video therapy, sounds and music to improve mood. and daily performance or challenges and exercises that reactivate mental dexterity. These are some of the tools on the market to take care of mental health and feel good.

Spain is the healthiest country in the world *, with about 40% of the population who take care of themselves , who do some kind of physical activity and who follow the Mediterranean diet. Coinciding with this phenomenon, health and wellness apps are increasingly present on mobile phones . In fact, according to the Global Consumer Survey carried out by Statista,  38% of Spaniards have applications to improve their well-being,  to monitor their health, nutrition apps, or apps that measure body functions or sleep installed on their smartphone .

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And it is that, for a few years, especially encouraged by the pandemic , the well-being segment in global terms has been growing according to changes in consumption trends,  today reaching more than 5.3% of the economy world**. The technology era has brought many advantages, including the existence of apps, which, with good use, become  tools that facilitate a balanced life and help general well-being.

1.- TherapyChat  –  professional help anywhere in the world

Since the beginning of the confinement, there were many people who sought psychological help through the internet. According to CIS data, around 15% of the population in Spain suffered an anxiety or panic attack for the first time due to the situation generated by Covid-19. For this reason, tools such as  TherapyChat  which offers an  online psychology service through a web platform and an app , experienced growth. This app  assigns the professional that best suits users depending on their needs and the area to be treated . It offers video therapy through a network of more than 350 licensed psychologists in the two countries where it is present, Spain and the United Kingdom, treating more than 250,000 patients.

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2.- ekilu  –  guided meditations for mental and emotional balance

When you are not emotionally well, or you feel stress or anxiety, the tendency is to eat worse. And eating worse, reinforces the feeling of discomfort, which generates a negative loop.

Through meditation you can  learn to relax, control anxiety, stress , and  deal with more everyday emotions of emotional and mental discomfort.  Being well goes beyond just eating healthy, so with the aim of representing and claiming a new way of understanding well-being,  ekilu  presents a complete recipe for a balanced life. In addition to offering  easy, simple and practical solutions around diet  and  physical activity, it will soon reinforce its mental well-being section with the incorporation of guided meditations, to help its users achieve mental and emotional balance. The guided meditations will complement the ekilu offering on mindfulness, which now integrates  practical advice on relaxation, stress and anxiety management, mindful eating, as well as the measurement of minutes of awareness in its Balance Tracker .

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3.- Calm Radio  – Music to improve mood, performance or physical condition

Music has great effects on the mind and emotions: it helps modulate mood, improves professional or academic performance, or even partially compensates for the cognitive loss of aging. Day-to-day life can become stressful and chaotic, and balancing personal and professional life is never easy. Calm radio offers a little help in  creating optimal well-being, calm, and mindfulness  through melodies and music . It transmits more than 500 channels of relaxing sounds, music for sleep, anti-stress music, white noise for sleeping, stories to help you fall asleep, among others that help you relax and achieve peace of mind.

4.- Quality Time  – “Rest” from all distractions to focus on what is important

In Spain there are 29 million people who are active users of mobile applications, staying connected to them for an average of almost two hours a day ***. The time that is invested in applications and social networks can be exaggerated, and although it seems redundant, Quality Time is an app that allows you to  control the use that is used in networks with your mobile phone . It has several functionalities, however, among the most outstanding is to  create alerts for the use of the device and ‘apps’ . It also offers a function called “Rest”, through which  the use of mobile devices is restricted.. The goal of this functionality is to minimize distractions from people with your smart device, allowing you to focus on your own time.

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5.- Remente  –  Daily planner of goals and habits for motivation

Remente acts as a digital coach and provides tools to improve daily routines, habits and goals and thus increase their well-being, productivity and motivation based on the personal needs of each user. In addition to helping to take care of mental health, it increases self-esteem and motivation. Through  daily challenges and exercises, it helps to reactivate mental dexterity and avoid anxiety, stress and depression,  and thus achieve goals and habits that lead to better rest and sleep, and a feeling of well-being and happiness. In addition, in the application you can  read articles about personal growth and do some mini-courses to sleep better, to be more efficient, to set better goals, leadership courses  and many more.

* Bloomberg’s Global Health Index For 2020
** Data from Global Wellness Institute 2020
*** 2020 Digital Report from Hootsuit and We Are Social