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The Million Dollar Vegan distributes half a million vegan menus

Más de medio millón de menús veganos repartidos

The international NGO Million Dollar Vegan has donated vegan meals in 85 cities around the world with its campaign # QuitemosLasPandemiasDelMenú. The campaign is supported by personalities from around the world such as Alicia Silverstone, Alan Cumming, Joanna Lumley, Bryan Adams, Xuxa, Anitta, Paloma Faith and the actress and writer Nuria Gago .

The international NGO Million Dollar Vegan announces that it has already distributed more than half a million vegan menus, in 85 cities in 20 countries around the world, to help with the social crisis that millions of people are experiencing as a result of the coronavirus pandemic. Million Dollar Vegan hopes to reach one million menus in 2022, as part of its campaign, # QuitemosLasPandemiasDelMenú.

The NGO is known for challenging Pope Francis to go vegan during Lent in exchange for a million dollars. In March 2020, this campaign began that has financed more than twenty vegan restaurants in Spain to provide free food to vulnerable groups, health personnel and people from the neighborhoods of Madrid, Valencia, Toledo and Malaga.

Million Dollar Vegan’s Food Justice and Solidarity Project has been supported by well-known personalities such as Alicia Silverstone, Alan Cumming, Joanna Lumley, Bryan Adams, and Paloma Faith. In Spain, the actress, writer and Million Dollar Vegan ambassador Nuria Gago explains about the campaign: “For people to discover firsthand that eating vegan is healthy, delicious and inexpensive seems to me the best way to deny what the lobby of the The meat industry tries to make you believe: that respect for animals is a whim that only people with money can afford ”.

Activities for World Vegan Day in Spain

  • It will donate 170 vegan burgers this Friday, October 29 in Toledo, made by the Street & Soul restaurant.
  • They will also deliver more than 300 vegan meals made by the company owned by actress Clara Lago and her partner Lorena Izquierdo Be Clever Be Vegan to the anti-racist store Becha Wear in Lavapiés in November.
  • They will send aid to La Palma to feed the volunteers of the protectors who are rescuing animals in November.

About Million Dollar Vegan

Million Dollar Vegan is an international organization that was born in order to raise awareness about how the exploitation and consumption of animals causes zoonotic diseases and resistance to antibiotics, something that constitutes a global risk for the planet and that affects the environment, as well as the animals themselves and human health. To help in the fight against the coronavirus, in its campaign Let’s take pandemics off the menu, Million Dollar Vegan has distributed more than 300,000 American dollars in Spain, the United Kingdom, Italy, France, Argentina, Scotland, Morocco, Hungary, Mexico, Brazil, India, Ethiopia, Kenya, Lebanon, Gaza, Canada, Uganda, Dubai and the United States. To date, Million Dollar Vegan has distributed 575,776 vegan menus for free to health professionals, groups in vulnerable situations and disadvantaged communities in 85 cities around the world.