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Eco-friendly, reusable, winged sanitary napkins and panty liners

Eco-friendly, reusable, winged sanitary napkins and panty liners

Enna Protect is a panty liner with wings, for optimal and comfortable support to your panties or thongs, reusable, to reduce the generation of waste in the environment, hypoallergenic and breathable, gentle on the intimate area and with SANIDX treatment to prevent spread of germs and bad odors, reducing the possibility of suffering intimate infections such as candidiasis, vaginosis or cystitis . Enna Protect is available in two formats, for panties or thong.

Four layers in 2 millimeters

Enna Protect is extremely fine, which has been achieved by sewing its four layers with overlock:

– The first layer, which is in contact with the skin, is a 100% bamboo layer (with OEKO-TEX certification), a fabric of natural origin and with high absorption capacity to avoid humidity in the intimate area , a factor of risk for the spread of vaginal infections.

Reusable and ecological panty liner made of bamboo and organic cotton

RebajasSuperventas No. 2
enna cycle original - 2 Copas Menstruales Y Caja Esterilizadora, TALLA S
DOS COPAS EN CADA PACK para que puedas tener siempre una de recambio.; Disponible en 3 TALLAS para que puedas escoger la que mejor se adapta a ti.
29,54 EUR

– The second layer, the one with the highest absorbency, is made of a 3D space PA microfiber fabric (OEKO-TEX certification), non-deformable and quick-drying with SANIDX antibacterial treatment. The SANIDX treatment prevents the spread of germs and odors, neutralizing them, and reduces the possibility of contracting yeast infections, vaginosis and cystitis.

– The third layer is made up of a waterproof PUL laminate with OEKO-TEX certification that retains flow and prevents leaks. It adapts to the anatomy of the body and is breathable to ensure comfort.

– Finally, in contact with the underwear we find a thin layer of organic cotton (OEKO-TEX and GOTS certified) breathable and soft.

Delicate and environmentally friendly

In the design of Enna Protect, special care was taken to offer an appropriate alternative for people with chemical sensitivities, allergies or very sensitive skin . For this reason, it has the STANDARD 100 by OEKO-TEX certification, the world’s leading ecological label that certifies the absence of harmful substances, and also has the GOTS certification, which certifies an environmentally friendly production.

Menstrual cups

When to use Enna Protect?

Enna Protect is extremely thin and soft, very comfortable and practically unnoticeable , making it ideal for daily use if necessary. Its absorption capacity is perfect to give extra security if it is used together with the menstrual cup, but it could be used by itself both the first and last days of menstruation, as well as at the end of postpartum. Enna Protect protects underwear from small urine leakage, small bleeding caused by the IUD and vaginal discharge .

The shelf life of Enna Protect is 100 washes . It is recommended to wash with cold water (by hand or in the washing machine) and the use of dryer and iron should be avoided.

Vegan vaginal lubricant gel

More information about Enna

Enna, a brand of Ecareyou Innovation, is dedicated to the development of products related to self-care and well-being, for their distribution through third parties around the world. Exclusively developed for us by a group of Spanish gynecologist experts, as well as designers and experts in the field. Enna products are tested and qualified under quality standards, in order to preserve, maintain and respect women’s health.

Reusable compresses and panty liners

Superventas No. 2
RebajasSuperventas No. 5
BOMAIS Juego de Almohadillas Menstruales Reutilizables Impermeables de Carb├│n de Bamb├║, Protector de Panty, Flujo Regular, Flujo Pesado (Zhutan, m)
Tama├▒o de las almohadillas de flujo Regular: 7*10 in´╝ł18*25,5 cm´╝ë; Cada paquete incluye: 6 almohadillas de flujo normal + 1 X Pcs Mini bolsa h├║meda
9,99 EUR
Superventas No. 7
4PCS 25.5 CM Almohadilla Menstrual Reutilizable de Bamb├║ el Cuidado Nocturno, Deportivo y Posparto,Lavable Menstrual Pads Almohadilla
Los botones y las alas ayudan a que la almohadilla menstrual sea más fija.; Transpirable, superabsorbente, resistente a la abrasión y lavable,le brinda tranquilidad.
8,59 EUR